Judgement By Judgement Date Complainant Department File No. View doc
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/K/SA/37/2017/44 05-Oct-2017 Sh. Gh. Mohi-ud-Din Sheikh Divisional Commissioner Kashmir SIC/K/SA/37/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/K/SA/44/2017/45 06-Oct-2017 Advocate Malik Mohammad Mushtaq Superintending Engineer, Hydraulic Circle Pulwama SIC/K/SA/44/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/K/SA/4362017/46 05-Oct-2017 Shri Riyaz Ahmad Bhat Directorate of School Education, Srinagar SIC/K/SA/4362017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/K/SA/41/2017/47 04-Oct-2017 Sh. Tazir Hassan Gojri Principal Govt. Medical College Srinagar SIC/K/SA/41/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/J/A/63/2017/47 09-Oct-2017 Sh. R.D. Singh Bandral Directorate of School Education & CEO Doda SIC/J/A/63/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/K/SA/42/2017/57 13-Oct-2017 Mr. Firdous Ahmad Shah Srinagar Municipal Corporation SIC/K/SA/42/2017 View
Mohammad Ashraf Mir SIC/K/SA/40/2017/53 24-Oct-2017 Shri Gh. Mohammad Wani Executive Engineer Hydraulic Circle Bandipora SIC/K/SA/40/2017 View
Mohammad Ashraf Mir SIC/K/SA/51/2017/54 25-Oct-2017 Shri Gh. Nabi Qureshi Chief Education Officer, Budgam SIC/K/SA/51/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/J/A/42/2017/48 05-Oct-2017 Sh. Arshad Ahmed Director Health Services (DHS), Jammu SIC/J/A/42/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/J/A/60/2017/49 05-Oct-2017 Sh. Shiv Ram Superintendent of Police, Headquarters Jammu SIC/J/A/60/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/J/A/89/2017/50 09-Oct-2017 Sh. Harbans Choudhary Superintending Engineer, EM&RE Circle-1, SIC/J/A/89/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/J/A/26/2017/51 10-Oct-2017 Sh. Kiker Singh Assistant Commissioner (Revenue), Udhampur SIC/J/A/26/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/J/A/21/2017/53 13-Oct-2017 Sh. Avinash Razdan Additional Superintendent of Police, District Poonch SIC/J/A/21/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/J/A/40/2017/55 20-Oct-2017 Col. V.S. Mangotra (Retd.) Additional Registrar, Co-operative Societies, SIC/J/A/40/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/J/A/90/2017/46 09-Oct-2017 Sh. Madan Lal Toofan Deputy Commissioner, Kathua SIC/J/A/90/2017/46 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/K/SA/35/2017/43 05-Oct-2017 Sh. Mehraj-ud-Din Bhat SDM (East) Srinagar SIC/K/SA/35/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/CO/SA/462/2017/989 04-Oct-2017 Sh. Avinash Razdan J&K High Court SIC/CO/SA/462/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/J/A/28/2017/52 10-Oct-2017 Sh. Parvez S Shera ACD Jammu SIC/J/A/28/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/J/A/39/2017/54 10-Oct-2017 Sh. S. Kumar PWD R&B Jammu SIC/J/A/39/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/K/Comp/03/2017/55 26-Oct-2017 Sh. Gokal Koul Tehsildar, (South) Srinagar SIC/K/Comp/03/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/K/SA/48/2017/58 31-Oct-2017 Shah Farooq Dy. Commissioner Budgam SIC/K/SA/48/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/K/SA/58/2017/59 31-Oct-2017 Mr. Veer Krishan Bhat Dy. Commissioner, Shopian SIC/K/SA/58/2017 View
Mohammad Ashraf Mir SIC/K/SA/56/2017/50 18-Oct-2017 Mr. Muhammad Salim Chalak Srinagar Municipal Corporation SIC/K/SA/56/2017 View
Mohammad Ashraf Mir SIC/K/SA/60/2017/51 20-Oct-2017 Mr. Gh. Mustafa Shah University of Kashmir SIC/K/SA/60/2017 View
Mohammad Ashraf Mir SIC/K/SA/62/2017/52 24-Oct-2017 Mr. Imtiyaz Ahmad Thoker Addl. District Development Commissioner, Srinagar, SIC/K/SA/62/2017 View
Mohammad Ashraf Mir SIC/K/SA/54/2017/56 25-Oct-2017 Mrs Amina Banu Project Officer Wages Employment (ACD) Kargil, SIC/K/SA/54/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/CO/SA/501/2017/998 16-Oct-2017 Sh. Asif Azad J&K, Public Service Commission (PSC). SIC/CO/SA/501/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/CO/SA/478/2017/1000 26-Oct-2017 Sh. Sonu Singh. J&K Service Selection Board (SSB). SIC/CO/SA/478/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/CO/SA/473/2017/1001 26-Oct-2017 Sh. Shahid Raza. J&K Service Selection Board (SSB). SIC/CO/SA/473/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/CO/SA/483/2017/1002 26-Oct-2017 Sh. Mohammad Ayaz Khan J&K, Service Selection Board (SSB). SIC/CO/SA/483/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/CO/SA/488/2017/993 16-Oct-2017 Sh. Abdul Rashid Khan J&K State Paramedical Council (SPMC). SIC/CO/SA/488/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/CO/SA/503/2017/991 20-Oct-2017 Sh. Deepak Sharma. J&K Service Selection Board (SSB). SIC/CO/SA/503/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/K/SA/39/2017/48 11-Oct-2017 Sh. Malik Muhammad Mushtaq Respondent General Manager J&K PCC, SIC/K/SA/39/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/K/SA/63/2017/49 11-Oct-2017 Sh. Malik Mohammad Mushtaq Deputy Commissioner, Pulwama SIC/K/SA/63/2017 View