Judgement By Judgement Date Complainant Department File No. View doc
Mohammad Ashraf Mir SIC/J/A/194/2017/204 05-May-2018 Sh. Omesh Sharma University of Jammu. SIC/J/A/194/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/K/SA/08/2018/15 08-May-2018 Sh. Mohammad Latif Bhat Directorate of School Education, Kashmir, Srinagar. SIC/K/SA/08/2018 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/K/Comp/14/2017/16 08-May-2018 Sh. Zahoor Gulzar. Directorate of Urban Local Bodies, Kashmir. SIC/K/Comp/14/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai No. SIC/K/SA/10/2018/19 09-May-2018 Dr. Sheikh Gulam Rasool. Directorate of Tourism, Kashmir. No. SIC/K/SA/10/2018 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/K/SA/76/2017/22 09-May-2018 Ms. Rifat Akbar University of Kashmir SIC/K/SA/76/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/K/SA/31/2018/18 12-May-2018 Dr. Sheikh Gh. Rasool and others J&K State Human Rights Commission, SIC/K/SA/31/2018 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/K/SA/19/2018/20 14-May-2018 Mr. Mehraj-ud-Din Mir J&K Muslim Waqf Board SIC/K/SA/19/2018 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/K/SA/18/2018/21 14-May-2018 Sh. Mudasir Nazir Wani Wildlife Warden, North Kashmir Division, Sopore. SIC/K/SA/18/2018 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/CO/SA/451/2017/1119 14-May-2018 Sh. Touseef Majeed Rather State Mission Directorate (SMD), ICDS, J&K SIC/CO/SA/451/2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC.CO.SA.447-2017/1120 15-May-2018 Ms. Shashi Bala Commercial Taxes Department , J&K SIC.CO.SA.447-2017 View
Khurshid A Ganai SIC/CO/Comp/167/2018/1118 16-May-2018 Sh. M.M. Shuja. K Special Tribunal Jammu/Srinagar. SIC/CO/Comp/167/2018 View